What is Challenge Fund?

Challenge Fund is a competitive process, intended to solve a national problem, where the wining innovative ideas or projects will be awarded a fund or grant for implementing the solution.

The purpose of Challenge Fund is to

  • Address and seek solutions of the problems which are seemingly unsolvable.
  • Involve general people to find solutions of these problems.
  • Create enthusiasm among the people of a fair competition and winning awards and recognition in solving national problems.
  • Trigger early stage nationwide scalable innovation and offer required financial and technical support.


Problem Statements

Land Record verification system using Blockchain technology

Bangladesh, a South-Asian developing country characterized by very high population growth and scarce land. It spills out jumbled and spontaneous land development within urban areas as well as other areas within the country. The rapid increase of population is continuously reducing the land-man ratio of the country. The rate of land transfer and conversion is also very high in Bangladesh. Rapid population growth combined with fast rate of land transformation urges for an effective land administration and management system. In current condition protecting landowners' rights is being challenged due to lots of disputes and occurring wrong ownership transferred. Where the root cause found on there was limited scope to prevent sale fraud as well as problem on ownership override. a2i has been working on identifying way of better Land Management system supported by ICT innovation being simplified by standard BPR. Delivery of social justice through proper land management and development is important for effective governance. A common Land Records Verification platform using Blockchain Technology in Land sector is an identified necessity that can supplement the digital Bangladesh mission.

Government Certificate Verification system using Blockchain Technology

Corruption and transparency remain the biggest hurdles in the way of efficient governance. Where fake Government License and certificates are in the origin of different Corruption. The fraudulent activities using Government License and certificates are not only putting the citizens on difficulties but also Government is losing a number of revenue. The misuses and fraud Government License and Educational Certificates are being used as there is no instant verification system of the genuineness of the certificates. The blockchain technology can displaces the existing problem of verification and helping the government overcome the intrinsic latency in its operations.
Application must be submitted by
07th October, 2019



Who is eligible to apply?

Any consortium/organization is eligible to apply if the solution is practical and feasible.


Can I apply with a non-technical solution?

No. Only technical solutions are encouraged.


Can I enter the competition as an individual?

NO. Any individual interested to apply must get associated with an organization before applying.


How many steps of evaluation are there in the process?

3 steps. Shortlisting, Screening and Technical Expert Panel Evaluation.


What is the winning prize?

-Maximum fund of 25 lac BDT for piloting the project. The amount of fund will be decided by Technical Expert Panel and Executive Committee of a2i.


When will the results be announced?

The selected proposal applicants will be contacted from a2i as soon as the evaluation process has been completed.


What to do if I don’t get a confirmation mail?

It would usually mean you are have not been qualified.


Where to contact for technical problems?

Please send your queries at innovation@a2i.pmo.gov.bd